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Top Snap Photography

Photography & Floor Plans

VFX Print Group has a strategic alliance with Top Snap who offer the following services.

Residential Photography

Top Snap photographers are specifically trained to shoot property and are professionals in capturing a property’s architectural and design highlights. After the photoshoot is completed, our experienced photo editing team digitally retouches every image to further enhance a property’s appeal

Daytime Photography

Striking property photography can capture a buyers attention and imagination. We specialise in Daytime Photography ensuring your daylight images are punchy and bright, whatever the weather.

Dusk Photography

Our photographers maximise the use of natural and artificial light to build atmospheric tones and shadows, giving your property the real ‘wow’ factor and encouraging buyers to imagine returning to a warm and welcoming home each night.

Top Snap Residential Photography

Drone. Aerial. Elevated Photography

Drone, Elevated and Aerial photography offer a different perspective when marketing a property. Highlight the key selling points of a property such as its size, location, garden, pools and other outdoor features.

Drone & Elevated Photography

Drones or elevated masts mounted with high-end digital cameras have the flexibility to capture the property at different heights and angles showcasing the location of the property and other prominent outdoor features.

Aerial Photography

Photographed from an aircraft or helicopter at higher altitudes, get a birds eye view of the property and its surrounding landscape, such as the coastal line, farmlands or proximity to infrastructure.

Top Snap Aerial Photography

Floor Plan

Laser-measured by our specialists and CAD-drawn by professional draughtspeople, our highly accurate and visually appealing floor plans help bring a property’s dimensions and layout to life.

Choose from a professional range of options that include Site Plans, Standard B&W Floor Plans, and Coloured or Textured Floor Plans for added visual appeal.

An effective way to combine your photographs and floor plans is through an online Interactive Floor Plan, which allows buyers to easily navigate through a home by clicking on each photo, giving them a great feel for its flow and layout.

Augmented reality is the next big thing in real estate visual marketing and our 3D Floor Plans are perfect for bringing yet-to-be-built residential or commercial properties to life through multiple platforms.

Top Snap Floor Plan

Virtual Furniture

Images of empty properties are not as appealing as those with furniture and give buyers very little idea of perspective and size, making it difficult for them to imagine possibilities they could create in a home.

If vendors don’t want to invest in property staging or hiring furniture, both of which can be prohibitively expensive, then a more affordable option is to virtually furnish rooms.

Bring your unfurnished properties to life with this cutting-edge technique. Images of real furniture are dropped into a room and then rendered with appropriate shadowing and perspective to give it a realistic look and make a dramatic improvement.

Top Snap Virtual Furniture

3D Home Scanning

Top Snap 3D Property Visualisation is the NEXT-GEN of Real Estate Marketing available NOW.

Captured using specialised 3D scanning cameras our virtual tours are state of the art and showcases every architectural and design highlights of a property in a Virtual World.

Available in 3 different formats, DOLL HOUSE, FIRST PERSON & LIVE FLOOR PLAN view, the 3D virtual tour can then be easily uploaded on leading real estate listing portals or even better viewed through cutting-edge 3D visualisation headsets.

Top Snap 3D Home Scanning

This gives every real estate professional the unique ability to market a property locally, interstate or across the globe!

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