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I have worked with VFX & John for over 15 years as supplier of our signboards & printing material.In a highly competitive industry this relationship is quite unique & rare in its longevity. 

I think there are several reasons that we have been able to continue working together so effectively over such an extended period.Firstly, the quality is the best in the market without doubt. Easy to say but hard to achieve.

Next, they consistently deliver on their promises & if anything ever goes wrong they will ensure it’s fixed before we put the phone down.

And finally, John & his team really give a damn. They are truly passionate about their product & their service.And for us, our signboards are our window to the communities we serve so they are one of the most important reference points we have.We wouldn’t trust them to anyone else.

John McGrath

Frank Mazzotta_Web

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When I decided that our signage/marketing was going to be the face of my two real estate offices and essentially our calling card to potential clients, I researched many signboard/marketing companies before discovering the unique design and artistry of VFX.

The quality of work and attention to detail from VFX is displayed throughout the entire process and was extremely impressive on my initial visit to their company. Their ability to design and create several professional signboard designs which enhance our photos and text was very distinctive.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found VFX, their customer service and commitment in providing professional service has exceeded my expectations. I am confident that our signboards/marketing has given us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

I look forward to maintaining a positive and productive relationship in the future with VFX as my offices grow and evolve. Needless to say, I highly recommend VFX to anyone considering their services.

Thank you Domenic, John, Harry, Aaron and the team.

Frank Mazzotta | Managing Director

Jennifer Aaron_Web

Jennifer Aaron_Logo_Web

As a boutique agency, my relationships with all of my suppliers is key to the smooth running of my business. Over the years all of the staff at VFX have become an integral part of my team. I could not do without their support, assistance, creativity and generosity of spirit. They are committed to maintaining attention to detail, delivering on time and meeting and often exceeding my expectations.


Jennifer Aaron

Danny Cobden_Web


We have enjoyed a business relationship with VFX for almost 20 years who ate our primary contractor for all components of our marketing including signboards, brochures, magazines and other property related promotional material.

Over the past 20 years, property marketing has changed significantly and our long association with VFX is in part due to the fact that they have always stayed at the forefront of technology. They are without a doubt the leaders in property marketing solutions.

Even more importantly is the relationship we enjoy with the owner of the business, John Hatzigiannis. John is just as passionate about his own business, as those of his valued clients. He is always personally available when we have needed to go “direct to the top” and has been very generous over the years with our requests to assist with banners for charitable organisations’, schools and the like we have been associated with.

VFX have been an integral part of our growth over the years and I have little doubt that they will continue to be one of our business partners for many years to come.

Danny Cobden | Managing Director